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You’re gonna love this show. Each week, we cover a wide range of topics (within 15-20 minutes). We discuss topics like scaling a real estate brokerage, overcoming challenges in the real estate industry, leadership, marketing, and sales. We’ll also let our guests share on the subjects they’re well-known for. You’re going to hear real stories, from real people.

We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! If you’d like to be featured on this show, click on the button below and apply today.

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Myrna L Selzler

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Want to take your Real Estate Business to the Next Level?

Here is why this podcast will be what you were looking for:

Reach Your Audience and Grow Your Team

The competition for qualified agents is stiff. How do you stand out in a crowded field?

To a newbie, and even to an experienced agent, brokerages can all appear to be the same – vanilla.

How do you present your brokerage as top-notch, consistent quality, but still offer the opportunity for individualism that is at the heart of real estate agent’s desire?

You need to be different, innovative without being over the top or wasting resources.

How do potential team members even find you and then discover that you could be a great leader for them, a cheerleader in their career?

Being a guest on a podcast is an attraction strategy. It is a simple but effective way to get your name and message out, without chasing people.

Being a guest on a podcast is an intimate experience. People get to know you – your vision, your values, the way you think, who you are as a person and as a leader. If they like what they hear on the podcast, we can be assured they will like you when they meet you.

And if they feel like they already kind of know, like, and trust you, they have a deeper relationship with you than with other managers also trying to recruit them.

be seen as the leader in your industry

Be Seen as the Leader in Your Industry

Leaders do things differently.

This is not the time to be modest, self-effacing.

This is the time to be confident, clear, and purposeful.

When people know who you are, what you stand for, they feel safe. They can, with confidence, clarity, and purpose go out into the world, knowing you have their back. You have the back-end of their business covered – they just need to go out and figuratively, slay dragons.

Showcasing your leadership on a podcast will set you apart.

Share Your Success

You have worked hard (and smart) to get where you are. When potential team members hear your story, they hear themselves in your story – they identify and are confident in allowing you into their life to be their leader, their mentor, their guide in their own Hero’s Journey.

The podcast allows you to share your success, but you can tell stories of how you have mentored others to success. Again, that gives potential team members ease and confidence that they have chosen the right leader, the right brokerage.

MLS Leadership Podcast

With Your Host,
Myrna L Selzler

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We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! If you’d like to be featured on this show, click the button below, watch the video and fill out the form.